Thursday, May 16, 2002

So everything is packed, and we're ready to head out after working this morning. w00t! Hopefully, I'm going to be picking up my pictures from New Orleans on the way out of town, which will be nice. Especially since it was FEBRUARY when I took them... whereas Megan is the queen of taking pictures of inane things, I'm the queen of leaving rolls of film in my camera and forgetting to use them... :)

You know, I think I still have pics from Seth's b-day party (in DECEMBER!) on that first roll... I'm horrible... oh... I just realized I still have pics from Jim's b-day party (in NOVEMBER) on there as well... geez...

Well, there won't be a Friday Five tomorrow from me, nor will there be End of the Work Week Wisdom... unless, by some freak chance, I can fight off all of the other members of my family and get to use Mom's computer for a little while. This is the problem of having all four of my mom's kids in the same house for the weekend... plus the Old Man, the "grand-cats," and any number of other people (like Kristen, and possibly Macke) who will be spending the night. Ugh.

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