Tuesday, September 17, 2002

*sigh*... my blog keeps going stupid... I was gonna post some stuff here, but now I'm not... *sigh*...

But I found a whole list of various lists of questions that you can do EVERY day of the week... w00t! :)

This is the Two for Tuesday...

1. When you're feeling down, what activity is almost guaranteed to make you feel better? Listening to music REALLY loud, and probably singing along with it... it has to be the right CD, of course... The Cure and Stabbing Westward only make me feel worse... :)

2. Everyone's got their own definition of "comfort food." What's yours? Chocolate covered pretzels... yummy yummy yummy... I could seriously eat them all day!

I like it when there aren't a lot of questions... gets done a lot faster... :)

Shannon says I need more quizzes... I'll look for some, but I think I'm running out of quizzes to find!!!!

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