Tuesday, September 17, 2002

There is something inherently wrong with the fact that I'm running a space heater in my office today... but it's sooooo cold in here, and rather cool and rainy outside... I'm really gonna hate it when I have to turn it off and leave my office... not that I want to stay at work, but I'm gonna freeze when I get out of here!

Halloween is in six weeks... Johnnie Brock's isn't open in the mall yet, or at least it wasn't last Wednesday... gonna have to check on that this week, too, I think... I wanna know when I can start putting up my Halloween decorations, and I wanna figure out what to be for Halloween this year... not that I'm gonna go trick or treating or anything, and there will be games on the Friday and Saturday after Halloween (so no big Halloween parties, most likely)... but I will definitely need a costume for Jubilee to wear for Palla Grande in the Sabbat game, and maybe I can talk some of the people in the Saturday game into having a Halloween party in game as well... :) Or I could just have Dani go in costume, cuz she'd do something silly like that... :)

It's odd only having LARPs at the moment... no TT games to speak of... I'm still pondering the possibility of running "Angels Laugh," but there would be a lot of changes to the original plans... that's still just in the thinking stages at the moment, of course... nothing set in stone yet... hell, my NPCs aren't even done yet, though they're getting there! :)

I feel like I need to be running something, though, because it helps me get good ideas... and then I might write some more... and my game ideas and writing always feed off of each other... without one, though, the other suffers a lot. *sigh*... I just can't win... :)

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