Thursday, September 12, 2002

You know, I was just reminded of something... a while back, somebody (I think it was A) had the idea of writing stories about the "PC waiting room" (though it would perhaps be better described as a "PC break room"...) The idea was to take a handful of your PCs and have them all get together just to chill... you would have to pretend, of course, that their various affiliations and "races" were more of a job than an essential part of their existence... this sort of tripped me up, because I couldn't imagine Anneke, or Morgan, or Kjra, "off the job"... all three of them were very dedicated to what they did, and only Kjra had anything that resembled a life outside of that...

But when I looked at my page, and saw me as Morgan eyeballing me as Jubilee, I had an idea... what if Morgan and Jubilee met up? It's entirely plausible, seeing as they're both Sabbat... so now I'm sorta working over an idea in my head... though it's kinda free-form at the moment... might have to get that down on paper though! :)

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