Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Humpday Hump, like usual! :)

Act V Scene II: *You are helping me color my hair - again! I am not liking this macaroni & Cheese color.* Quiet on the set!! Roll tape..... and....ACTION!!

Christy: It's finally chilly here!! Hooray! Now I just need my snugglebunny. Remember your favorite snuggly stuffed animal/thing you always used to love on? What was it's name?
You: Well, when I was really young, I had a doll named Rachel... she wasn't much good to cuddle with, as she was made of hard plastic... but I still slept with her at night. I'm sure there were some others in-between, but the next one I remember is my white bear, named Lucas... I cuddled with that thing till the head started falling off... and then I have Madison, my gray and black stuffed cat... I only gave him up really recently!

Christy: Yeah, i know, this color is crazy. I was just getting it all one color again. My daughter calls it buttered popcorn now. I hope you will be able to get it back to soccer-mom normal again. I have always wondered what black would look like on me, though. You ever had a hair color you wanted to try if you could buy the guts to go along with it?
You: It's not so much a matter of getting the guts to do it, but I really want purple hair... the only problem is with how dark my hair is, I'd have to bleach it first, and I'm not entirely sure I want to put my hair through that... but I might go for a black cherry color, that will be purplish but not blatantly so... :)

Christy: I just love the color purple. What does it make you think of? What kind of person does it make you think of?
You: Heh... purple is my favorite color, aside from black... has been for a long time, too... maybe one of these days I'll redo my site in purple and black... oooh, I'm liking the sound of that... hmmmm....

Christy: Hey, if you had to refer to people by a color they reminded you of, what color would your best friends be? Your family members? Significant Other?
You: I'm no good at that, though I've been told that I'm purple, oddly enough... and this was before the person telling me knew my favorite color... :)

Christy: I love getting mail but I am so damn hypocritical when it comes to that because I just suck at keeping up with correspondence. Who did you write your last letter to? Not email but snail mail. Okay email to since snail mail is so archaic.
You: I don't EVER write snail mail... I'm so bad... but the last E-mail I sent was to Seth, letting him know that I had uploaded his Nati Light picture for his webpage... :)

Christy: Sorry I was late meeting up with you today but I was shopping for this damn haircolor. Thanks for helping me out with this one. What was your worst hair experience?
You: When I cut my own bangs, and ended up making them WAY too short... or the other time I decided I needed bangs, and made them take up a LOT more of my hair than they should have... suffice it to say, I'm never having bangs again!

Christy: I just have to get that breast reduction soon. Would you ever have any cosmetic surgery done? Or have you ever and just not told me about it yet???
You: Only to get some of my moles removed... some of the ones on my arms stick out a lot, and are quite annoying...


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