Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I didn't want to post anything first thing this morning, because I was working on something to add to my site... but now it's done, so here we go.

You've seen the poster, "Everything I needed to know I learned in Kindergarten," right? And you've seen a variety of rip-offs of that poster as well... just replace Kindergarten with about anything improbable... :) Well, the one thing I haven't seen is replacing Kindergarten with the name of a band... so I got to thinking: what bands have inspired me to live my life in a different way?

I came up with one answer.


Okay, okay, okay... so it was a joke, actually... for some reason, while I was sitting in my apartment, being a goof, I came up with this idea... why not make a list called "Everything I needed to know I learned by listening to They Might Be Giants"... and so the list was born, and I've been working on it since. I was nearly done with it last week, but I put it aside to work on other stuff... but since TMBG are playing in Carbondale tonight, at the Copper Dragon, I thought today was the perfect day to launch my list... :)

But this doesn't have to be the last list... :) I'm actually wanting to do more... I started working on another one, and scrapped it, but I had so much fun making the TMBG list, that I might just go back and redo my other one. And I'm willing to accept submissions from my faithful readers... Gwarocks?, I'd love to see a GWAR list, and of course, a S L A Y E R list! :) And I think maybe Gabriel is gonna make me a Misfits list... so if anyone else has a list they'd like to contribute, I'll take 'em! :) Just E-mail me if you need information on how to do it!

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