Friday, November 08, 2002

Girl on a Bus has an alternate Friday list this week...

1. If this planet wasn't named Earth, what would you name it? Bob.

2. Does 'black' go with everything? Hell yes. Except maybe brown, though it can go with certain shades of brown.

3. What one food/drink gets your bowels moving the fastest? Umm... ewww!

4. Out of all of the hardwoods, which makes the best wood for building montain dulcimers? Uhhhh... well, to properly answer this question, I would have to know what a mountain dulcimer is, other than some sort of musical instrument... so we shall say... fish.

5. Do you sprinkle Parmesian cheese on your pasta? No, but I have been known to sprinkle shredded mozzerella cheese on my pasta... and frequently mix pepperoni into the spaghetti sauce... just a little something I learned when I went to Arizona... :)

Okay, that was not too bad... except for #3... :)

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