Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Once again, my comments seem to have dried up. I suppose that's not entirely a bad thing, because I read other peoples' pages, and they complain about the rude comments that get left for them... luckily, I don't seem to attract that type.

I'm feeling really out of it at the moment, so forgive me if I say things that don't entirely make sense... :)

We went CD shopping last night, though we didn't come home with much. I got "Your Arsenal," by Morrissey, which is something that I had many years ago... yeah, many many years ago, seeing as it came out in 1992! I also picked up "Puzzle," by Dada, on CD... I have it on tape, but I still don't have a functioning tape player... we can play CDs on the computers, or the DVD player, or my alarm clock, or even (god forbid) my actual CD player, but the tape player that is attached to my CD player has been broken for ages... so slowly but surely, I'm trying to pick up CD versions of some of my favorite tapes... it'll take a while... :)

There were a couple of other CD sets that I wanted, but I couldn't bring myself to buy them... found a Ministry "box set" that has "Land of Rape and Honey," "Psalm 69," and one other CD in it... it was really tempting, but I didn't want to spend the $27 (or was it $24)... I also found a 4 CD goth compilation that I don't have yet, called "Goth Box"... it was either $24 or $27, so that was another thing that just went back to the shelf.

I've also been rereading a lot of Sandman lately, which is always fun. I had been trying to get Gabe to read them for a while, cuz I knew that he would enjoy them. He finally sat down with the first graphic novel, and flew through it... then on to the second... :) Then I had to buy the 3rd and 5th books, so he could continue reading... :) Gonna have to pick up the last two that I need (8 and 10, I think) sooner or later...

It's really wonderful though, because Gabe will make a comment about something, and I have to bite my tongue about how that will become a LOT more significant later and such... so I just respond with "Gaiman is a genius"... :) Ahhh, the benefits of having already read the whole series... gotta thank John F. for that... he had almost the entire run (75 issues) in the actual comic format... so I only had to go to the graphic novels for a couple of issues, and he had those also!

Anyways, enough babbling for now, I suppose.

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