Thursday, November 07, 2002

The things people have searched for to find my site this week... (aside from the usual bunch of "scary" this and that...)

"what happens the day after you've take belladonna" - well, I wouldn't know... and no, the "take" is not my typo, which is why I put it in bold... just so ya'll don't think the editor chick is slipping... :)
"LARP movies" - hell, yes... we've been talking about this... some of us LARPers are all about writing a movie, starring in it, and all that good stuff... now to see if we can actually get it off the ground! :)
"kleene brilliant" - okay, sure... why do I get the impression this is a cleaning solution of some sort... :)

In other news, the heater at my apartment is now functioning properly... there was a switch in the hall closet that had been turned off, which was why the fan never kicked on... *sigh*... silly silly mechanical stuff...

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