Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Yeah, yeah... I was sickish yesterday... bad Dawn, reading without her glasses = bad headache... no fun!

But, more importantly...


Bad. Goth. Poetry.

(Yeah, I know I was gonna save this for later in the week, but I can't help it... it's too amusing...)

Okay, so I have a LOT of goth compilation CDs. I was sorta collecting them for a while. Most are relatively good, and there are a few nifty bands that I've discovered as a result. Well, with Halloween being last week, I was inflicting a lot of these CDs on Gabe... I suppose it isn't REALLY inflicting them on someone if he enjoys them, but you get the point... lots of goth music... :)

So one of the bands that he really liked was the Cr├╝xshadows... which happens to be one that I like as well... so he bought their CD (Telemetry of a Fallen Angel) online, and it arrived at his house yesterday... so of course we have to listen to it... okay, not too bad at first, you can tell it's their first CD, cuz the recording is a little less than perfect... and there was one song where I thought the synthesizer music was going to drive me batty, but I can live with it...

Until we get to "Prometheus"... bad. goth. poetry. Set to music, sorta. I couldn't decide if I should laugh or run screaming... and then, the last line: "This Nail Shall Represent Hope"... hehehehehhe... yeah, I lost it when it got to that line... :)

Anyways, though, other than that little amusement, it's a really good CD... though I do agree with Gabe that "Marilyn, My Bitterness V. 2.0" is far better than the original... hmmm... kinda like "Until the End of the World" by Apoptygma Berzerk... the remix is SOOOO much better than the original... but let's not get started on their version of "Fade to Black"... Thor might frenzy... :)

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