Thursday, March 20, 2003

Wow... there were a LOT of people at the Bruce Campbell lecture last night... I was seriously surprised by how many people showed up. Luckily, we got there early enough to get decent seats (maybe 10-12 rows back, on the side), and managed to save seats for Cindy and Karac as well... so that was an accomplishment!

We took our "Army of Darkness" DVD to get the liner signed, but when we arrived, they had signs up saying that he would only be signing books... *sigh*... that's okay, though, because to get your book signed, you had to get a little slip of paper... I originally heard that they only had 120 of these, but when we talked to Ian afterwards, he had #200 something... at any rate, Cindy didn't get a number, but she was gonna stick around to see if she could get her book signed anyway... hopefully she did!

Let's see... the lecture was great... very interesting, and informative... I wanna know who he gets to do his research for him, and find out if I can get a similar job... hehehehe... that's something I could do from home, in my pajamas! :) The questions more or less sucked, because he called on a large number of stupid people... there were a few exceptions, but not many... but at least when people asked dumb questions, he went off on them... :) Trust me, the EotWWW tomorrow is gonna be a Bruce Campbell quote... :)

The one that just made me shake my head the most, though, was when someone asked him about Kevin Smith's death. A LOT of people were all freaking out over that one, cuz they thought this person was asking about the Kevin Smith who made Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, etc.... but no, Kevin Smith was also the name of the actor who played Ares (why does that look misspelled?) on Xena and Hercules... *I* knew what they were talking about... but most people didn't! I guess maybe I watched more Xena and Hercules than I thought I did... :)

Anyways, all in all, a good night... would be awesome if the SPC could get more kewl FREE speakers... :) Or maybe I should just remember to go to more of them... :)

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