Monday, April 28, 2003

Too groggy for the Monday Mission... don't you just love spring, and all the allergens that come with it? Gabe has a sore throat, and I have a fuzzy head... I'm doing okay concentrating on my typing for work, but anything that requires much creative thought is pretty sad... it's taking a lot of concentration to type this entry right now... :(

At least it's approaching 2, already, so there's not much work left... still, I'd much rather be at home, playing PS2... this is actually the first video game system that I have ever (partially) had... (partially, cuz it's Gabe's b-day present, a couple of weeks early...) before this, it's all been computers... my dad was a firm believer in getting us to play computer games, rather than shelling out money for a video game system... oh, it sucked mightily when we were kids, but I guess it's okay, in the end... I probably know a lot more about computers than I would have otherwise... :)

But yeah... the funny part is that I play Tiger Woods Golf, of all things... I don't even like golf! But I did decently well when I played it against Gabe and his brother on Christmas, so I keep playing it... I played really awful last night, but at least I made a little money to up my character's stats... the characters you have to start with in the tournament mode SUCK... but somebody has to play it, so we can unlock Hamish for Gabe... so he can play golf in a kilt... :)

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