Thursday, April 10, 2003

Well, thanks to the recommendations of several people on here, we rented "24 Hour Party People"... that was really kewl! Though I was a bit confused when, at the middle of the movie, it seemed like it was already ready to be over... weird... :) Anyways, I've decided I need to get some Joy Division... :) I had "Love Will Tear Us Apart" stuck in my head this morning, and then Gabe started humming it... it's just so catchy! :)

And then, in class today, we started watching "Soylent Green"... never saw it before, but I'm liking it... it's kinda amusing... :) I like watching movies in class... they make the class go a lot faster... gah... I'm such an American... short attention span and all that... what was I talking about again? ;)

Actually, we were gonna watch "Suspiria" last night, but the tape we rented was screwed up... so we'll be taking that back today, and hopefully getting something different to replace it... what sucks, though, is that BB used to have the box for the unrated "Suspiria," but then they took that off the shelf (probably cuz it got stolen or something)... now the rated version is screwed up... joy...

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