Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year! :)

First off, let's catch up on some articles from last year:

Guide to 2007 Comic Book Movies

I may have left out one or two, like 300, which I knew nothing about until after this article was published, but basically this covers the big name comic book movies and a few lesser known ones. :)

The Crow: Four Movies, Only One Great One

After finally seeing the fourth Crow movie, I had to say something about it. :)


A Last Minute Primer in Gift-Giving: It's the Thought that Counts

From the Peace Corps to Christmas Tree Farming, Elaine Seymour Does it All

What You Need to Know Before Choosing or Switching Medicare Part D Programs

And then three for Cindy, all from last year. Both of us have been relatively busy with other writing, other projects, and Christmas, so neither of us have written a whole lot for AC for a while. I'm thinking I will probably get back in the swing of things in a few days. Maybe. :)

In the meantime, though, I've been selling my crafty stuff online! :) I have a store at Etsy, Scary White Girl Designs, with a little bit of stuff up now, and more to come. BTW, if you are local and want to order something, just do it. I can send an invoice without the shipping charges, and we can arrange how you can get your stuff. So don't let the shipping scare you. :)

I just bought a new digicam and a printer/scanner yesterday, so I will actually be able to take photos of the rest of my hats, and scan in some greeting cards and Valentines that I've made. So expect to see more stuff on the site, by early next week at the latest.

Oh, and I'll still do custom work. :) I'm working on one project now, but it's got a long deadline, so I have plenty of time to make stuff for people. :)

And I think that's about it. Christmas was good, New Years was tame, and I'm back at work. Speaking of, perhaps I should do some of that. ;)

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