Friday, February 09, 2007

Yes, I finally wrote something!

Tips on Learning to Live Without TV

Exploring Transportation Options: One Car Families in a Two Car World

Unsurprisingly, I wrote these pretty much in one sitting. They turned out pretty well, though, and I think they're kinda useful too! :)

Hopefully I'll be writing some more in the near future, though I may have some big writing projects coming down the pipeline soon... so don't count on regular updates, if I get one or more of those.

Crafting continues on as usual. We've got a craft fair on Tuesday and Wednesday for Valentine's Day, which will hopefully go well, and let us sell lots of stuff! I'll be selling my crocheted roses, crocheted heart pins, crocheted ice cream cozies, Valentine's Day cards, and collaged CD covers. Fun and excitement! :) If the weather keeps on like it has, and if I have my charming assistant Jerome, I may be bringing hats as well... but I think I'd do better to not clutter things up too much. :)

Ashes tonight, my TT game (in theory) tomorrow night. E-Con is coming up, and there are actually a few games that would be kewl to play in... but I'm not committing to anything yet... that's the weekend right after we get back from Seattle, so I may not want to game that weekend...

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