Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Greetings from our last morning in Illinois! :)

I'm up earlier than I need to be, but it's giving me a chance to update the blog and let people know what's going on. :) I need to wake Jerome up in about half an hour or so, so that we can finish loading the vehicles and head over to Scott City, Missouri, where we will unload and return the U-Haul. Then we start the first leg of the trip, which is to St. Louis and Kansas City.

In St. Louis, we will be going through Arnold, Missouri, the home of my ancestors, and seeing Vogel Road, which is the actual road on which my great-great-great grandfather settled with his family. Then we'll stop by my dad's work, and then my mom's work, before swinging out west to Kansas City, where we'll visit Sarah, Nathaniel, and my nephew Peter. They're leaving for the Bahamas tomorrow morning (EARLY), so we'll go to a hotel for the night.

I suspect I'll be too tired for an update tonight, but hopefully I'll get to tell you all about the fun and excitement of our first day on the road tomorrow morning. :)

Seattle, here we come! :)


In other news, here's my book. *victory lap*

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