Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why yes, I think things have changed around a bit on the site! Thank you for noticing! :)

Yes, I have rearranged my sidebar, and added a handy little Google search bar. I figure I might as well make my blog useful, right? :)

Oh, wait, I can do that by posting? No way! :)

Anyways, life is good, I'm doing like twelve billion things at work and maybe eleven million things at home. Busy? Yeah. But those who know me well will know that that's how I like it. :)

This weekend, we have two picnics to go to on Saturday, and we're meeting a couple of gamers for coffee on Sunday. Looks like we might be playing Scion. Yeah, a new World of Darkness game. I have accepted the inevitability... either that, or Scion looks like a super awesome game, and I just don't care what system it is at this point! :)

I've also got about a billion things going on with Etsy right now, as I've somehow stumbled my way into being the contact person for the Seattle street team. This kinda cracks me up, because I've been here what, all of two months now? It's okay, though, I feel like I belong here already. I've learned my way around a few select areas, and will eventually branch out to a few more areas. :)

Okies, off to get more stuff done. :)

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