Monday, November 12, 2007


Somehow, when I wasn't looking, a whole bunch of crafty projects piled up on my agenda! And that's not even to mention the really awesome idea that I got last week. Sadly, it's an idea that is probably going to have to go to the back burner until after Christmas, because I want it to be really sharp when I debut it. No more details yet... muhahahah... :)

To-do list:
- Finish Jayne hat and relist (and then start another)
- Make a couple of UW hats
- Make at least one sample of the new rose pins
- Get a frickin' paper coffee cup for display purposes

(The last, sadly, is the most difficult, since I don't drink coffee.)

I got caught up on stuff for the EtsyRain gift bags last night--"worst case" scenario, I will need to make 2 more ice cream cozies on Sunday. I say "worst case" because this is what I will need to do if I sell all of the ones I'm taking to the show on Saturday. In other words, I won't be complaining if I'm madly working on a couple of ice cream cozies Sunday morning. :)

After that, I just need to get things ready for the Punk Rock Flea Market 2, which isn't until December 1st. So I have a bit of time to work on that stuff, I think. :) But then it's back to making more bottle cap belts, so that I'll have a better size range for this PRFM. Last time, people were interested, but my belts didn't fit them!

I also have to squeeze crafts for Christmas gifts in there somewhere, but I'm still a little up in the air about what I'm making for some people. In fact, I think I only have four gifts completely squared away thus far (with decent ideas for 3 more)! :)

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