Thursday, January 03, 2008


Well, work did NOT slow down today, and tomorrow shows more signs of keeping me busy all day. In fact, I'm going in early tomorrow and may be working through lunch, racking up some extra hours to take off next week or sometime... yeah, it's that busy!

So over Christmas, I basically built up this huge stock of stuff to post this week. Somehow, my brain thinks this means that I don't need to work on any crafts this week... *sigh*... the good news is that the remainder of season 3 of Lost should be arriving tomorrow, and we may also be getting our purchased DVDs soon, so we should have plenty to keep me in front of the TV, rather than in front of the computer, over the weekend. :)

And I am itching to mess with the new yarn I got with my Michael's gift card... I can't even believe it's still in the bag!

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