Friday, January 25, 2008


Yeah, it's been another one of those crazy days at work. I'm just now surfacing for a gulp of air, and then probably charging directly back into stuff to do. The nice thing about days like today is that my day goes by quickly; the aggravating thing is not being able to keep up with my blog posting and reading habits.

It doesn't help matters any that we went out for lunch today, but sometimes Jimmy John's is just calling my name from 4-5 blocks away. For those who don't know, Jimmy John's is very much an Illinois thing (it was started there), and very much a college town thing (we lived less than a block from one in Carbondale). To add to the college town part, they're typically open till about 4 a.m., and they deliver so fast that you'd think they have Nightcrawler working for them. So when you're drinking at someone's house or apartment, you can call them and they will be there before you know it. Perfect for college towns. :)

So don't ask me why there's one in the heart of downtown Seattle. Other than the fast factor being both in delivery times and sandwich making times. Even when the lines are all the way to the door (2 lines, each easily 6 people deep), you still have your sandwiches within a few minutes of walking into the building.

Okay, enough rambling about food. Back to work with me. :)

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