Thursday, June 05, 2008

I think I'm still full!

So somehow or another, I seem to have ended up on what might be the neatest "junk mail" mailing list ever. Every so often, we get a glossy little ad for a restaurant, much nicer than a lot of the ones you normally see. Normally, this would qualify as more junk mail, but in this case, the glossy little ads include a gift card for the restaurant in question. This has happened to me twice now, and so we've tried out a couple of restaurants that we probably wouldn't have gone to otherwise.

I know in a portion of my brain that it's all just a clever marketing scheme--give people a gift card, and that will get them in the door, as well as potentially get them to spend more than they might have without the gift card. Well, clever marketing scheme or not, I like this one. :)

The first one we received was Cutters Bay House, which is RIGHT on Elliott Bay (great views, if it's clear out). We took my sister there when she was in town, and the three of us ate for about $50. This was, of course, without drinks--the drink prices were a bit more than we were willing to pay. But we all got sushi, which was delicious, and Megan and Jerome had soup, while I had a salad (which I think was the oddest salad I've ever seen, but still pretty good). And, as a bonus to their clever marketing, we liked it enough that we're going to go back when Jerome's dad is in town. :) (Plus I'm blogging about it, so free advertising!) Their menu has a good deal of seafood on it, which they get from Pike Place Market, since it's pretty much RIGHT next door. :)

Last night, we went to Palomino, which was a bit trickier to find (it's inside the City Center shopping area), and a bit more expensive ($60 for 2, again with no drinks), but still definitely worth it. Their menu is a lot more Italian food, though it's sort of non-traditional Italian inspired dishes. Tasty, though. Very tasty. And yes, I do believe I'm still full from dinner last night, which was a salad and Kobe ravioli for me. (*)

So here's hoping that I'm on some super special mailing list for good now, and keep getting these gift cards in the mail. Memo to whoever's clever marketing idea this was: It works. :)

(*) Jerome says it's a travesty to put Kobe beef in ravioli. I said I didn't care, and I wanted to try it. Much cheaper than Kobe steak, that's for sure. :)


jeffdav said...

I went to Palomino once. As we walked in, the host looked at us and said "What are you dressed up for?" I explained that I thought it was a nice restaurant.

Then when we got the bill it was off by a few hundred dollars. Turns out instead of charging for two glasses of port they charged for two bottles of port.


I remember the food as being good though.

Dawn said...

Hah! :) I had asked Jerome to not wear jeans and a T-shirt, and he ended up far better dressed than my business casual, emphasis on the casual. :) Course, when we went to Cutters Bay House, it was jeans and T-shirts all around, which seemed to be what about half the people there were wearing. :)