Friday, June 20, 2008


So in preparation for my trip to D.C., I decided to explore some summer-y shoe options. Really, this meant one option, which was my Doc Marten Mary Janes. I bought these a while back, and wear them occasionally. But today, I decided to wear them without socks, to see how that would work out.

Suffice it to say, badly. I got off work at noon, and we headed down the street to get some lunch. Then we took a bus up to Volunteer Park, where the wedding was going to be. By the time the wedding was over, my feet were already giving me trouble. Then we decided to walk over to Lake View Cemetery, to see Bruce and Brandon Lee's graves. Since Lake View is right there, it seemed like a good plan. Well, my feet were killing me by the time we found their graves, so of course they were not happy for the rest of the time. We took a couple of buses and headed over to Capitol Hill for the reception, and I found a pair of socks at the drugstore. At that point, I didn't care how lame it looked.

Finally got home just a little while ago, and I have at least one blister on the bottom of my foot. My heels are fine, because I put moleskin in the heels of the shoes last night. But there's some weird seams on the inside soles, and that's what gave me a blister. *sigh* So I may just be wearing my normal Docs with skirts, regardless of how silly that looks. I just can't do sandals most of the time, and I'd rather have slightly substantial shoes, since I'm not sure how much walking we'll be doing out there.

Between my feet and being in a fancy dress all day, I am so done with dressing up. :) But the wedding was wonderful, and I couldn't be happier for my friends! :)

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Anandi said...

Yep, Docs without socks never worked for me either.

Take a look at Dansko sandals. They are pricy, but really good for your feet, and also a little more substantial and great for walking around. One pair will last you *forever*.