Friday, August 22, 2008

Random on Friday

1) I am in love with Costco. It took a lot of willpower to not buy MORE stuff last night, but I know we can always go back. :) And we seriously only bought stuff we will eat--stuff that I normally buy anyway, just not in that much bulk!

2) Freeze dried strawberries = awesome. Not as good as real ones, of course, but awesome nonetheless. However, if the freeze drying process takes the water out of something, setting it in a little pool of water will not "reconstitute" your freeze dried strawberries. Yes, I tried. :)

3) I finally found non-dairy milk that I don't hate. YAY! :)

4) My trip to Kansas (#1) is officially on. I'm going to stay with my sister while I'm there, which is awesome, because that means lots of playing with my nephew time! :) Waiting for Jerome to get home to see if he will survive me being gone for 7 nights... if so, I'll get to spend the weekend with them also! :)

5) The trips to Kansas after #1 will be to not the part I want to be in in. :(


Anonymous said...

Costco rocks! We've been wanting to get a deep freezer for the garage... because it's just the two of us (like you) and can be way too easy to buy too much... but ahh... costco... hehee...

Have fun in Kansas!!

Dawn said...

Yeah, we didn't even go into the frozen food section, because we have only a small freezer. My policy was anything that is a dry good is fair game. :)