Wednesday, September 10, 2008


One of the things I love about working in downtown Seattle is how many good places to eat we have within walking distance of our office. It took me a little while to start venturing out and finding them, but I've collected quite a list of "favorites." Of course, my wallet dictates that I don't get out to them as often as I might like, but it's still a nice treat every now and then, particularly on days when my work schedule tells me that bringing my lunch would be difficult, at best.

One of my favorites is the Dahlia Bakery (of the Tom Arnold collective of restaurants, all of which are within a block or two of my office). Now there are times when the options are a bit hit or miss with me--sometimes, they've concocted a menu of sandwiches that just don't appeal to my pickiness, but today was a total hit day. I had to decide between a BLT and buffalo chicken salad sandwich. I went with the latter, and I think I made a good decision... although I bet the BLT is super good as well. :) Of course, I'm about to dismantle the sandwich and just eat the filling with a fork, but hey, that works too. :)

Yesterday was also a good lunch day, as I found a gyro place that uses lamb, and it's even better than El Greco, which is the gyro place about a block or two from where we lived in Carbondale. Sorry to the animal lovers out there (which I do count myself among), but lamb is tasty. Unfortunately, if I tried to not eat cute animals ever, I'd have to be a vegetarian, and that just doesn't work for me. I have way too many issues with getting appropriate nutrition to cut meat out of my diet. :(

And now I'll stop making everyone who will read this in the mid-afternoon hungry. :)


Rekoj said...

Where is the Gyro place that uses lamb? There is a spot in the Market - same place? Oddly enough I'm mostly vegetarian but somehow cannot resist the call of a good lamb gyro =) mmmmm sorry little cuties!

Dawn said...

Nope, it's at Century Square, on 3rd. It's the little food court right by the Barnes & Noble.