Monday, October 26, 2009

Traveling and cats (but not traveling cats)

Yup, I've been out and about again, on another work trip. It went relatively quickly, until Friday night, when I got home about 2 hours later than originally planned. There was a LOT of panic involved in that, too, with an almost delayed flight to Chicago, and then a seriously delayed flight home. About the time that it started looking really dire for me to get onto a flight home, I realized it was also too late to call my brother if I needed to stay in Chicago, which meant I'd be sleeping at the airport... not my idea of a good time.

But I got home in the wee hours of Saturday morning, exhausted, but happy to see Jeremy and my new kitten, Paint It Black. Andrew and Amanda brought him over on Friday night, and he was already settling in to the apartment by the time I got home. So far, so good. The other cats are not thrilled by the new addition to our household (though I think the fat cats enjoy snacking on Black's kitten kibble when he doesn't finish the entire dish), but they're adjusting. The funniest moment, though, was yesterday when Andrew stopped by during my All Flesh Must Be Eaten one shot. When Jeremy confirmed that it was Andrew he had just buzzed up to the apartment, P-Cat took off like a light for the safety of the bedroom. My comment on P-Cat's thoughts: "Oh crap, he's back! I hope he didn't bring another kitten!" Coincidental, I'm sure, but funny nonetheless.

Black is just pure joy for me. He is cute, affectionate, basically gentle with his claws, and a little bit clumsy, which makes me laugh. He's all legs and a huge head, and sometimes his legs get ahead of him, I think. He doesn't do well on linoleum, which is only really an issue if he gets to playing around in the bathroom. It may just be that he responds to the sound of human voices, but if I call him, he will come out from wherever he's been hiding and look at me. He doesn't do the sort of rough playing that Vlad was a fan of (possibly learned behavior from the way Jerome would play with him). Basically, everything I ever wanted in a kitten. :)

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