Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm at least getting SOME stuff done, especially when I'm not getting all that I would like to be doing done.

So, the good stuff:
1) I've been posting daily on Shop Etsy. I am featuring new (and new-ish) artisans on Etsy who have 10 or less sales until Easter. I've heard from at least one reader that she's found things to buy through my posts, which gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside.
2) I'm making decent progress on the TARDISes for my shop, restocking arm warmers, and getting enough eyeballs done that I can put some at Black Door Studio in Everett. In fact, I'm taking a bunch up there on Saturday! :)
3) Thanks to Chore Wars, we've begun to make a dent in things we need to go. Jeremy has taken on a few things voluntarily; my competitive nature has been triggered by making a game out of it. :)
4) I think I'm just about ready for the month of crazy traveling. Just about.

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