Friday, January 13, 2012

Ah, life!

Life means that this blog tends to come and go from time to time. Especially when I spend about 3 months working out of an archive with no internet, as opposed to in my office, where I can blog during my lunch break. :)

So let's see here. I spent most of December crocheting until I thought my fingers would fall off. I got a brief respite from that when we went down to California to visit Jeremy's family, but then I had more things to make when we got back. I haven't actually slowed down yet, either, as I'm working on a couple of custom orders.

Around February, when I think my actual production schedule should slow down a bit, I'm planning to work on some new stuff for Scary White Girl Designs. One of the things I'm hoping to branch into this year is crochet patterns. I've written up one already, and I'm halfway through writing up another one. I'm hoping to find someone who can beta test the patterns for me. My mom has offered, and I may take her up on it, but I have this sneaking suspicion that she'll finish making the items and then say "what did you just have me make?!" They're a wee bit on the super duper nerdy side. :)

I'm also planning on making some new products, many of which are just variations on things I already make. One thing that I know that I'll definitely be doing is both shorter AND longer arm warmers, as I've had requests for both. I've done one pair of shorter ones (wrist warmers) before, but longer (past the elbow) will be a new thing for me! But I'm excited about that one, because I wear a LOT of T-shirts that have very tiny sleeves, and having arm warmers that cover my whole arm would be epic! :) Also, I think that super duper long arm warmers in the style of the Fourth Doctor's scarf just seem RIGHT. :)

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