Monday, January 30, 2012

Nerd time!

We just started our new Changeling: The Dreaming game yesterday. Jeremy is running it, and there are nine players, which means a) the living room is very full, and b) there's always something crazy happening. :) We have 3 Sluagh, 2 Trolls, 2 Nockers, and 2 Sidhe in the game. Six of the characters are high school students, ranging from age 11-17, and the other three characters are teachers at the school.

Because Jeremy often blends a couple of systems together for the game, we spent most of our time yesterday working on the setting, working out the details of the school, and creating crossover Aspects, a la The Dresden Files RPG (and other games that also used the FATE system). Unsurprisingly for this group of friends, we asked for creepy, creepy, and turn up the creepy some more, with a side helping of creepy. We've got catacombs, secret passages, and a mysterious benefactor, all for our SUPER haunted school.

I was among the three characters who hadn't undergone the Chrysallis yet, but thanks to my character's Mentor, she knew what was coming and was ready for it. So after we took down a troll and chased some wolf-men away, she was doing a happy dance and texted her dad to say "Yay! Yay! Happy day!" :)

And now she gets to deal with all of the crazy that I packed into her background. :)

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