Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still busy!

I haven't had much crafty stuff to blog about recently because I've been working on an order of soap sweaters for Seattle Sundries. Anne makes this wonderful round soap, and I make little sweaters to go over the soap. The idea is that the sweater acts as a washcloth, and as the soap gets smaller over time, you can tighten the drawstring at the top, so that you are able to get the most life out of even the tiniest slivers of soap. Pretty awesome! :)

Assuming all goes well, I'll be finishing these up this weekend. Then I get to move on to my next big project, which is a super sekrit custom order. I won't be able to share what it is until April! All I can say is that I've gotten about 1/3 of the way done, and it looks AWESOME so far. The next step is going to be the most difficult one, so I'll be glad to figure that out and then get it out of the way, because finishing the rest will be smooth sailing after that!

Sorry for the vague teasers! I can only promise that if you're a fan of video games, you will love getting to see what I'm making!

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