Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is a Warm Scarf!

It seems like the weather has been a bit wacky all over the place lately, so it's hard to say if winter is coming or going! I've got friends who had snow and ice yesterday and are expecting a warm day today. In Seattle, we've got the cold rain that's pretty typical this time of year. I'm sure I know someone who lives somewhere that spring is already sprung, though that doesn't mean it's here to stay quite yet.

A warm scarf is a good way to beat the cold days, no matter what time of year they appear! Soft and fluffy, the scarves in my Etsy shop are skinny (2-4 inches wide) and LONG (some of them up to 9 feet long), so you can wind them around your neck a few times, or just wear them long and decorative! They're also all machine washable and made from a wide variety of fibers!

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