Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Now with 100% more substance!

I realized that pretty much all I've been posting here is End of the Work Week Wisdom, and while that is entertaining (at least to me), I should really post something of substance.

Crocheting has been a little bit on the slow side, as I haven't had a lot that I really NEED to be working on right now. My shop is more than well stocked, and we're entering into the time of year when sales are slow for me. When it starts to get warmer, people look at yarn and just sort of shudder. (Not all yarn is ridiculously warm! Really!) I started working on a couple of new things, but decided that the legwarmer idea was right out, and the patterns are taking me longer to deal with than I had hoped as well. I'm beginning to think about working on some new amigurumi stuff to pass the time, though today I was having fun trying out a couple of different star ideas on the bus. There's a plan for those, but I haven't quite gotten the star how I want it yet.

I've been trying out a lot of new recipes, though they've mostly been recipes that come from the internet. Last night, we had homemade mac and cheese that ended up a bit soupier than anticipated. I've got leftovers in my lunch today, so I'm going to see how those turned out before I start tweaking that recipe. I'm planning on jambalaya for dinner tomorrow night, which seriously already has my mouth watering. :)

Been doing a bit of writing and editing, which you can read more about at my writing blog. The short version, however, is that right now Jeremy is reviewing my novella. When he's done, I'll make some revisions based on his suggestions, and then it will be going out to some beta readers. Then it'll undergo another round of revisions, and then I get to start shopping it around. This is going to be all new to me, because I've only shopped short stories previously, and that's a very different sort of process. So fingers crossed that it works out!

Roller derby is still going strong, though we have a couple of weekends with none. This is planned, however, since we'll soon have three weekends in a row with bouts, followed by a week off, followed by four weekends in a row with bouts. Whee!

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