Thursday, June 07, 2012


In my neverending quest to find meals that are home-cooked and delicious, I stumbled across this site and fell in love. Voila! Budget Bytes!

I'm pleased to say that I've made a few things from this site so far, but I am feeling most accomplished after making the ricotta gnocchi. Yes, for real, I made this recipe! I was concerned, because this is basically handmade PASTA!

There was a large mess involved (flour ALL OVER my clothes), and I've decided I need an apron now, but it turned out really good! I almost stopped eating to take a picture so I could post that, but it was too good to stop eating!

I put a little olive oil, garlic paste, and pancetta (one of my new favorite things) in the hot pan and swished around the gnocchi a little bit, but that's it. And there's a TON of leftovers (frozen)!

So yeah, it's not-so-experimental because I'm following other people's recipes, but it's still cooking, and that's awesome. :)

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