Friday, March 08, 2002

Much better now. Sometimes just a couple of words, even if they come to you second hand, can make you feel a whole lot better about everything. :) And good comments from a friend are always appreciated as well! :)

The Mummy game last night was a whole lot of fun, even if the first thing I did was botch my Willpower roll for my Nightmares... so I lose a permanent Willpower, and am basically traumatized for the rest of the game... this actually worked out okay, cuz it let me sit back and be quiet for a good portion of the game. ;) Granted, we didn't really get anywhere, but we had a good time doing it... so that's not all bad!

And I've got two ideas for stories to write now, and I'm giving myself a deadline on the newest idea, since it's another Morgan story, and I want to have it done before the next Friday Broken Sword game... that gives me a week... let's go! :)

Forgot to mention that I got to run a one-shot, vaguely related to Seven, on Tuesday night. I had forgotten how much I missed that game, and those NPCs (yes, all 122 of them). Why do people's school schedules have to suck so bad?!?! Well, maybe things will clear up after Spring Break, but that's doubtful...

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