Thursday, March 07, 2002

Tomorrow is Friday... Tomorrow is Friday... Tomorrow is Friday... sorry for the repetition, but, at the moment, that is my major motivating factor... work has been relatively boring the last couple of days, and when I have little to do, my mind starts wandering, and that usually leads it into places where there is no good reason for it to go. In other words, I'm worrying about things that aren't entirely in my control, and that I don't want to (or can't) talk or write about. Wow, how's that for cryptic? :)

Well, on to the nicer things. Benedira sent me a nice E-mail after I signed her guestbook... which reminded me that I should look into getting a guestbook! And then tonight is the Mummy game, which we haven't gotten to play in about a month because of school, vacation, and the fact that it alternates with the D&D game. I'm definitely looking forward to it, cuz it's nice to do non-Vampire stuff every once in a while... :)

I picked up a copy of The Quotable Sandman (which was on sale) last night, adding to my ever growing collection of miscellaneous Sandman stuff. And I don't even have all of the comics yet! :) Wow... Neil Gaiman has his own blog... add another site for me to start checking daily... :)

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