Sunday, March 03, 2002

You would think that a person who is perfectly happy sleeping till the last possible minute (and sometimes beyond) during the week would relish the opportunity to sleep late on the weekends... weird, isn't it? :)

I'm still waiting to see Queen of the Damned. The weather last night was rather snowy and icy, so we decided to stay in. But before the weather got bad, we took a fun trip to the Art Museum in St. Louis, and then I got to watch a couple of kewl DVDs... the Nine Inch Nails concert that just came out (And All That Has Ever Been, or something like that), and a handful of Type O Negative videos. I'm leaning back towards my "just barely off the mainstream" goth music again, though I'm still really enjoying my extremely obscure goth bands that I can only find on compilation CDs. Hmmm... why not, I'll just put a request right here. If anyone knows anything about finding full length CDs (heck, even EPs would make me happy) by the Morgans and/or Lucyfix, please E-mail me!

Well, vacation is all the way over when I get back home this afternoon, so I may start working on a new chronicle. First order of business is finding players, I suppose... and then figuring out which of my chronicle ideas most appeals to the group as a whole. I have five (yeah, five...) ideas at the moment, all of which would be fun in my mind, but they're fairly diverse, and not everyone would enjoy all of them. But I'm sure there will be more on this front in the next few days. In actuality, I should be working on my stuff for Egyptian Campaign, which is just over a month away... knowing me, however, I'll put it off till the last minute, and wing what I haven't prepared... ;)

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