Wednesday, April 03, 2002

At long last (because I'm a slacker, not because he is), I've got some new fiction from Seth. Good stuff! As a warning, however this story continues in the "R-rated" tradition of the Sabbat related fiction that I've posted already! That's why I don't link to it directly from my main page... :)

I also added another story of mine. No, it's not the Morgan story that I've been promising everyone, but rather a story that I wrote for Wintercastle, back when I had the time to play in that game. It's short, but I was pleased with the way it turned out, so I included it here! :) And, as a side note, the new Morgan story is probably never going to get written. The inspiration for it has slipped away, and it doesn't suit the new(ish) direction that she's going... but that new(ish) direction is probably going to spawn something quite interesting, which might just turn into a story.

I'm also still tossing around a couple of ideas for Garou stories. One of them, though, has the potential to get quite long... but the nice thing about it is that it's a recap of an old chronicle that I played in... so it's mainly just a matter of remembering how things went... and since the Old Man played in that chronicle as well, I should have some help with the remembering part... assuming that his memory is still intact... ;)

And I'm thinking that we're finally going to start my Changeling chronicle (still unnamed at the moment, though Seth and the SonofaBritsch had such clever ideas...) tonight. I had a flash of inspiration the other day, which I really can't say a whole lot about at the moment... but suffice it to say that my players are in for a VERY interesting ride... muhahahah... >:)

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