Wednesday, April 17, 2002

So I got the Sims Vacation the other day, only to realize that my computer was sadly lacking in RAM. But I managed to figure out how to remedy that situation (it's trickier with a laptop, if you've never done it before), and now my computer goes FAST. The problem in all of this is that now that the Sims moves at a decent clip, I'm far more interested in playing it than getting things done.

I'm coming very close to posting my "to do" list here, and then telling the world when I actually accomplish something. The benefit I could see in doing this is that maybe then some of my loyal readers (I think I have some of those!) will get on my case about what I should be doing with my free time. Unfortunately, I can't really think much beyond the stories that I want to write, and the need to work on The Beyond at the moment. I'm doing decently well with developing The Beyond mostly on the fly, at least for the time being. I will eventually need to work on some more of that, however, because things aren't going to stay the same forever... >:)

Other than that, I'm going to get to see The Scorpion King this weekend! I know I wasn't the only one who was disappointed by The Rock's performance in The Mummy Returns, but from everything I've seen of the new previews, it looks like he's done much better with this one. So for now, I will blame his approximately 5 minutes of screen time in The Mummy Returns, which is far too small to get an accurate assessment of his acting talent.

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