Thursday, April 18, 2002

Yup, after wasting the entire evening yesterday playing the Sims, it's time to put the dreaded to-do list on the webpage, so I can have more than just myself nagging me about what should get done.

In no particular order, mind you... ;)

  • Another Morgan story. The nice thing about this one is that I can procrastinate it a bit. This story, even moreso than A Moment in Time, is going to be able actual game events, rather than just stuff that Morgan did at some indeterminate point in the past. As such, I have to wait on some information from the STs before I can write much more than the first page or two... most of which is already started! :)
  • Garou story number 1. This one is going to be along the lines of Christian's story, in that it will be a Galliard telling a tale that they know. In Christian's case, it was first hand knowledge. In the new story, it will be a story that has been passed down for nearly 100 years. This is my safety valve, because I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get all of the historical facts and figures straight. ;) Despite all of the research I've done, I can't find anything on the internet or in books about what I want to write about. As a side note, if anyone reading this knows anything about the "Baby Pavilion" at the 1904 World's Fair, E-mail me! From everything I've been able to determine thus far, it's a pretty obscure topic!
  • Garou story number 2. The Old Man has been working on his background for Fury of the Forsaken, and it's based largely on a long-running Garou chronicle that the two of us played in. My character in that game led a VERY interesting life (in the way that "May you lead an interesting life" is a Chinese curse), and I've often thought about writing something about her. Seems like a good idea, now that I'm using her as an NPC Mentor to one of the characters in Fury...
  • Garou story number 3. I'd also like to write something for the Fury of the Forsaken page. A while back, a bunch of us players wrote a whole bunch of stuff for the Broken Sword of Caine page, and Macke mentioned that it would be kewl to have something similar on the Fury page. Well, I'm an ST in Fury now, but that doesn't mean I can't write for the page! :) I'm looking for ideas for this one, at the moment, but it will probably end up being another Galliard-style story. Those seem to work very well as far as Garou fiction goes!
  • Work on The Beyond, which is my currently active Changeling-esque chronicle. I have most of the groundwork laid, and I know where the game is going. I just need to work on creating that final destination. I have some time for this, as the destination is still a while down the road (IC and OOC), but it would be good to get started on it sooner rather than later!
  • A Ravnos poem. An anonymous person wrote Clan Brujah for me to post on the Forgotten website. I had encouraged all of the players to do stuff like this a while back, whether it be poetry, song/movie quotes, or whatever, so that we could personalize the clan pages, making them more than just a place to list the active characters. Seeing as I'm the only Ravnos in that game, and the webmistress, I suppose leading by example would be a good thing to do... ;) Luckily, this should be fun and quick to get done!
  • There is probably more to add here, but most of it has to do with work on chronicles that are only ideas at the moment, or potential backgrounds for characters that I may or may not eventually play. So in other words, even the to-do list isn't done!


Oh, and continuing in my trend of wishing people who don't read my webpage happy birthday, today's wishes go out to Timmy and Jessi. Hope you both have a good one! :)

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