Thursday, May 02, 2002

Well, the X-Men test says that I'm Jubilee. I suppose this would be more valuable to me if I actually knew who this character was. She wasn't in the movie, so I'm kinda clueless... :)

I went back and looked at my "to-do" list that I posted here... here's the update...

  • Morgan story - nothing doing, here. The way that I anticipated the story going is absolutely nothing like the way the game is going. So I've written an introduction, that I may post, but the story probably won't get finished... :(
  • Garou stories 1 through 3 - ummm... right, I was working on Garou stories? Oh, I did start on the first one. Spent about 15 minutes on it. Stopped writing, and started playing the Sims. Damn, there's the problem! :)
  • Beyond stuff - not worrying about that any more, because that game ended.

So I'm down to 4 stories to work on... w00t! :)

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