Monday, September 30, 2002

Gonna try to write an entry here while I'm doing some other stuff... we shall see how that goes... :)

Friday game was alright... Jubilee actually went into combat, and actually did something somewhat useful... it sucks being a non-physical character in a combat situation, but she's good as a "spotter" (finding Obfuscated people), and she can use Dementation to at least mess with one target each turn... if I do okay with chops at least... :) And I almost had another diab, but then I decided to give it to someone else, cuz it was a Samedi, and I really didn't want to risk getting all ugly... especially when I'm miles from Mask of 1000 Faces! In other news, we realized that we sorta volunteered to be in charge of Palla Grande... which means we need to get to working on that... *sigh*... not gonna be easy, that's for sure!

Saturday, I went out and got the Sims: Unleashed... it came out Wednesday, so I was doing really good to wait until Saturday to buy it! :) Just a note, if you're thinking about installing it, but blanch at the thought of needing 1.3 GIG free... you don't. I deleted a whole bunch of stuff from my hard drive to free up the space I needed, and it ended up taking more like half a gig instead... *sigh*... not that I needed most of the stuff I deleted, but I did manage to lose all of my Garou stuff in the process... TT and LARP, I'm pretty sure... :( Anyways, the game is fun, but I really wish I would have been able to get the hint book at the same time I got the game... I'm feeling a little bit lost about some of the stuff, and so it's a lot of trial and error at this point... just don't want to mess up too bad with the main family that I play!

Saturday game was awesome! Lotsa good roleplaying all night long! :) Thanks to some information I got in an in-week scene, Dr. Webster and I were able to arrange a strike team on a Sabbat location, and we actually took out at least 2 of them... one dead, and another one to be interrogated later! :) Then we had to take care of some Malkavian clan business, and at least that stupid Pattie is staked now... the Broken One isn't pleased with her, I think... And then we got to have a Malkavian clan meeting (I love being an honorary Malkavian!), where we started in on some shady shady business... :) No details here, cuz I don't want anybody finding out just how shady till it all shakes down... muhahahahah... >;)

And then yesterday was pretty much just taking care of stuff around the apartment... nothing of much excitement... played the Sims for a while, and noticed some buggy stuff in the game... missing graphics, the fact that people's clothes reverts back to what you started them when you come back into the game (after changing their clothes), etc.... there's probably a patch for that, or will be soon, but I dunno if I need it...

And the Monday Mission isn't up yet... hopefully I'll get to that later... :)

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