Wednesday, September 25, 2002

New additions to the gallery... now you can see dolls that look like my characters! :) I'll probably be making more of these, as this is one of the better doll makers I've found on the net... :) Not as good for guys, but great for girls! :)

And, the Humpday Hump...

Act IV Scene IV: *We are in line at Target trying not to impulse buy all of the cool little trinkets they put right there at the checkout counter. Bastards! They know I can't resist.* Quiet on the set!! Roll tape..... and....ACTION!!

Christy: I love word games. I am a crossword junkie and those search-a-word things are king! I also love word association. Like when I saw white I think of glue which then makes me think of how much I love office/school supplies. Always have. It's a quirk. What does "white" make you think of? Why?
You: Snow, mostly... or paper maybe...

Christy: I love scents. Every once in a while I catch a scent that reminds me of my grandmothers or my mom or a special friend. It takes me back to a special place in my soul that warms me for a second. My mom smelled like Sand de Sable or Skin Musk perfume when I was young and I am always reminded of her when I smell those scents. What smell reminds you of your mom either now or how she smelled from your childhood?
You: I dunno that there are any smells that remind me of my mom, though her perfume has a tendency to do so (especially when I hug her and get the smell on me)...

Christy: What are you going to do today?
You: Work, eat lunch, work some more, go home, and then... not all sure what the plans for the evening are yet... the girls want me to go out tonight, but I dunno if I will want to or not... still deciding...

Christy: I like to think of myself as fun to be around, carefree to an extent, funny, pretty and kind. What do you like to see yourself as? What do you hope others see you as?
You: I like to see myself as fun to be with, a good friend, and maybe a little smart... I hope others see me the same way! :)

Christy: Photography is so much fun to me. I have some new pictures up from when the kids and I went to our playground. Do you have a favorite photo? Do you have it with you? Can I see it?
You: I think my very favorite photo is the one of Jamie, Mark Brimer, and I, sitting in Michelle's basement, taking some test (probably a purity test)... or the one from the same night of Michelle and I... but I also really like the pic of me as Jubilee that I posted to the left...

Christy: I saw the Banger Sisters last night. It was okay. I would have rather rented it. I suppose I was expecting it to be more eventful or close to the caliber of Thelma & Louise. I loved that movie. What movie that is out now would you like to see?
You: Ummm... not watching much TV, I tend to not realize that new movies are coming out... if Red Dragon (I think that's what it's called) is out, then that... if not, I'm waiting for that one... :)

Christy: Kids are both home today since my daughter has a small fever along with a little cold. Do you like the new layout?
You: Yup, very kewl! :)


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