Thursday, September 26, 2002

You wanna know the weird thing about search engines, at least in my mind? The fact that if you give them a stack of words to find, they will find those words, though not necessarily in the order or phrase you looked for... with that in mind, here's the list of the past week of searches that found my site...

"fact on Sunkist"
"completely drunk girl"
"humpday hump"
"headgear girl" (I get a lot of variations on this one, usually involving "headgear," "braces," and some other word... so call this my catch-all for those type of searches...)
"victorian age vampire" - WOW! One that I actually used in that order and context! :)
"scary msn names"
"net girl friends"
"lufcy" - who was searching for that?!?! :)
"scary girl pops out"
"food questionnares"
"looking wet" - ummmm... do I wanna know?
"larp geeks" - woo hoo! Someone knows what we are! :)
"chicken pox scar"
"goth creepy scary"
"twiggy buck-rogers" - I have NO clue how that one came up...
"rate nice girl"
"white girl"
"st louis goth homepage"
"west nile virus in collinsville" - yeah, that's my prime example of how two completely unrelated topics in my blog get lumped together... weird...

Such fun... :)

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