Friday, September 20, 2002

Okay, this sounds like fun... here's a list of things that people have searched for to find my site...

"couches that are good with allergies" - is this like things that taste good together? :)
"11 year old girl cute" - ummm... do I wanna know what they were looking for?
"larp blog" - wow, one that they would actually find here! I'm amazed! :)
"The Brock Pretty Cool Homepage" - I have no idea what this actually is, but it's kinda odd... I'm not sure when I said anything about someone named Brock... odd...
"braces headgear girl" - yeah, I suppose I have talked about my braces and headgear on here...
"goth girl net" - woo hoo... my non-gothiness brought people here... :)

More of these later... they always crack me up... :)

And on a side note, my throat is scratchy... poo... :(

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