Monday, September 23, 2002

Ugh... crazy weather changing is making me all sniffly and feeling generally blah... but I hauled myself out of bed this morning so that I could come to work, and get some stuff done that NEEDS to be done by the end of the week, and also because Megan is coming by today to finish getting signed on as my fourth (yeah, FOURTH) student worker... at least she specifically wants to work on the one project that I can't get anyone else to do! :) It's kinda nice having all these student workers, but I miss Lorri... she was a ton of fun, and understood the whole Sandman thing... :)

Anyways, let's see here... time for the usual game update... :)

Friday - American Frontier went well... I thoroughly frightened everyone with my costume... which was salvaged out of Megan's bag of stuff to go to Goodwill... :) Little pink and white striped T-shirt with frilly edges on the sleeves, and a pink jumper with flowers embroidered on it... with black tights and my Mary-Janes... :) It's sooooo not like what I would normally wear, and the fact that it was in a child's size made it small even on me...

We had the usual slate of ductus meetings and such, which was some of the fun of the evening... cuz when they call ductus meetings, Jubilee is supposed to go, but Jack (Gabe) isn't... and since Jubilee has an obsession with Jack, it makes it really hard for her to be in these meetings... luckily the rest of the city has caught on to this, and they usually try to set it up that I can still have Jack in my line of vision while at a meeting. Well, that worked out until one of the Lasombra who was to be punished showed up, and Jack had to help put him down... I glance over to where he had been sitting, and my free Social for that turn was "Jack moved!"... so after the combat was over, I went and got him, and made him sit in for the rest of the ductus meeting... which no one seemed to mind... :)

We also got to go kill some Cammies, which was a good time... the Prince of Gulf Shores made a handful of us (Jubilee, Constance, and Oscar) leave through his nifty combo discipline, and the rest who went up to meet with him tooled him... but, once again, Jubilee and Jack were separated... so this time, Jubilee contented herself by carving pretty designs in her arm with an icepick... :) Anyways, we got outta there, and through me agreeing to owe Simon (the Giovanni) a favor, I got to have a tasty tasty treat... I diablerized the Tremere Primogen of Gulf Shores... it's a shame that you can't pick up Thaumaturgy through diablerie in that game... :( Instead, I got a level of Dominate, a level of Fortitude, and the merit "Oracular Ability"... too bad that Fortitude is gonna make it that my Masochism derangement is going to go unfulfilled... which means Jubilee is going to be a very unhappy camper...

Oh, and I got to play a zombie in that outfit too, for my "film debut"... okay, so it's only gonna be on the campus TV station, but it's still kewl! :)

Saturday - The Forgotten was way weird for me... Gabe is trying out some new stuff with Dr. Webster, so he spent most of the night not acting like the person that Dani hangs out with all of the time... but because of the Telepathy link that we always have going, I got a message across the Madness Network, saying that if Dr. Webster wasn't at the Asylum in an hour, someone (we figured the Broken One) would start killing a patient a minute. So I make Dr. Webster come with me (he didn't want to, cuz he didn't think he was Dr. Webster), and we rush down there... only to run into a room where Peppermint Pattie starts hacking into him (and then me) with a fireman's axe... so we both get torpored... she puts me in a cell, and puts him in a box... luckily, one of the other Malkavian NPCs showed up and got us both awake and out of there... much to Pattie's chagrin...

So it's back to the quasi-Elysium, where we have to take Magdalena out feeding... went well enough, till she killed her second victim, and frenzied on us... Dr. Webster then decided to Mask himself as a really cute girl, and the three of us goofed around for a while, telling everyone that we were all lesbians, and that we were all married to each other, and that we had declared Praxis on Vermont (which was a couch we had all been sitting on when we decided we were all married)... there's a much longer story to that, but it's too much to explain here... :)

Oh, also on Saturday, I finally got to see Amelie, which is easily the cutest movie I have seen in ages... I loved it! :)

Sunday - Yeah, I know, there's not usually game on Sunday... but we watched Ninth Gate in the afternoon, ate dinner, and then I sorta started running "Angels Laugh"... only for one player, though... I was really tired, so it didn't go as well as I could have hoped for, but I'm still having fun with it! :)

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