Monday, September 09, 2002

This is gonna be long, I'm sure... :)

Friday - Sabbat

Well, playing Jubilee wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done, but I am getting a good start at slipping into her character. The derangements are easy enough to play, I just need to make sure to make her personality a little more distinct from Dani's personality. And we've already picked up a probationary member of our pack... and since I know she reads this, Shannon, I hope you're ready for what we're gonna dish out... we'll try not to break you, though we may break your character... :)

Anyways, I'm not really far enough into that game to say a whole lot just yet... we've got a city to reclaim from the Camarilla, despite the fact that Jack and Jubilee would be perfectly happy to stay in New Orleans... :)

Saturday - Camarilla

I don't know all of the details on this for certain, so if something sounds implausible, I probably got it wrong...

We found out that a sizeable pack of Sabbat was attacking a nursing home. Magdalena went there (I think in Astral Projection), and hit two of the Sabbat there with Total Insanity. A short while later, the "cavalry" shows up. This consisted of the Dizzy (the Brujah Prince), D (the Brujah Scourge), Paul (the Gangrel Sheriff), Rudolph and Kenneth (a couple more Gangrel), Peaches (the Tremere Primogen), Magdalena and Dr. Webster (Malkavians), and Dani (my "Ravnos")...

Now, we thought there was something along the lines of 12 Sabbat in the building. The powers that be decided that the "powerhouses" would face the Sabbat, and they would send the Malkavians, the Ravnos, and the Sheriff in to rescue any remaining inhabitants of the nursing home. Before we got in, three of the Sabbat had been destroyed... down to 9.

We get inside, and there's lots of smoke and such, and a napalm-like substance on the floor. Yum. So they send the Malk crew upstairs to look for inhabitants. I think the people who stayed down below got briefly flash fried when they shot into the napalm-like subtance... oops!

Anyhow, we get upstairs and start looking for inhabitants. As we round one corner, we see a group of six people who are clearly vampires walking towards us. They see us, and look terrified. But we know they're Sabbat, so we rip into them... Paul with wolf claws, me with my gun, and the Malks with stakes. Within 3 or 4 rounds, we had taken out or staked five of the six (one was thrown out the window by one of the other Sabbat)... we discovered that they had all been pretty messed up before we got to them (apparently by the ax-wielding Total Insanitied Sabbat member)... but we were DAMN proud of ourselves... especially cuz we think the other group only got two of the remaining three in the building.

Well, we take one of the staked Sabbat and interrogate her (through my mad Telepathy skillz...), and find out that there is at least one more member of her pack staying at a seedy motel. We tell the Prince and a couple of other people about it, but they aren't moving. So the "Malk contingent" grabs the Sheriff and heads out...

We find the lone Lasombra in his motel room, and take him out after a couple of rounds of futile staking in the dark (Obtenebration cloud)... finally Magdalena used Voice of Madness on him, and he ran out of the room, where I was waiting with my gun... and the Sheriff and I took him down in a couple of shots. So we stake him, and take him back for interrogation as well.

So not only do the Malks get a body count of 7 (at least in our minds), but we find out from the second staked Sabbat that Mikhail Giovanni has been informing them when and where the Camarilla is going to strike... and did I mention that Dani in particular, and the Malks in general HATE Mikhail? So we head back to Elysium, where we tell the Prince, and the next things I heard out of his mouth were "Right of Destruction on Mikhail"... which was all we needed to charge after Mikhail.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure we took him out ( the combat ran FOREVER! ), but he's at least in torpor, and probably not much longer for this world... and I got to shoot him a couple of times... :)

So that's it for gaming stories... :)

Watched Braveheart last night, which I had never seen before. I rather liked it, though the guy getting his head smashed in wasn't very pleasant... I did okay with all the other "gross" parts... :)

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