Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Will the weather please make up it's frickin' mind? It was nice out on the way to work today... little bit of breeze, sunshine, not too hot yet. Last I looked out my window, it's gone all overcast... and I left my umbrella at home! *grumble*

Argh... I'm working on stupid accounting type stuff at work today, and it's already getting on my nerves... all I have to do is find some numbers to plug into a form, but finding the numbers is quite a headache... :(

Two more days till the American Frontier begins... that's definitely something to look forward to! :)

Been thinking about what I want to run at Egyptian Campaign this year, since I have to have it turned in by the end of the month... I think I've figured it out... now to E-mail the convention people and see if one of my plans will be kewl with them... :)

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