Thursday, September 12, 2002

Wow, it's already Thursday... rock on! :)

Yes, I got my pictures developed yesterday. The pictures from Sarah's wedding didn't turn out well... too dark in the church, and the flash on my camera doesn't carry well... and when you're trying to take a picture of 10 people (the whole wedding party), you can't exactly get very close. The pictures of me fixing the car were silly looking... 'nuff said... :) The pictures from Garou were really good. Very clear and pretty scenery, and good shots of a lot of people. I'll get them scanned at some point. And the pictures from The American Frontier are pretty good, aside from the so-so lighting in the Student Center... they're on the pack pages...

Other than that, got a bunch of errands done yesterday (though not everything I had hoped to get done), and watched Shadow of a Vampire... was falling asleep by the end of it, despite the fact that it was only 9:30... *sigh*... I'm so old... :)

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