Wednesday, September 11, 2002

If you're looking for commentary on the 9/11 anniversary, you won't find it here. Don't have anything to say on the subject.

Everybody should go check out Marlon's page, cuz he lists me on there as his LARP mom... awwwww... :) Oh, and if any of my other LARP children have webpages, or livejournals, or any of those great things, lemme know, and I'll link to it! :)

Gabe made a comment today that I was wearing status beads on my backpack... well duh! It's my LARP Marm status... and since I couldn't remember what they all were at the moment, here we go: Famous (yellow), Revered (black), Well-Known (blue), Influential (silver sparkles), Cherished (green), Adored (clear pinkish-purple); (personal status) Kick-Ass (purple), That Darn Cute (hot pink), Dead Girl (red sparkles), Scary White Girl (silver), and Well-Connected-with-White-Wolf-Books (blue pearly). So hah. :) I think "Dead Girl" used to be "My sister plays a hooker"... but she doesn't anymore, so I took that one off... :)

Gonna go get my film developed this afternoon... this will include pictures from Sarah's wedding, an early Garou game, me fixing the car, and the American Frontier this past Friday... yeah, it takes me FOREVER to finish a roll of film if I'm not somewhere nifty... :) There's probably other stuff on there as well, that I can't remember... but we'll see when I get the pictures back... gotta love one-hour developing... :)

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