Thursday, October 31, 2002

As is usually the case, most of the searches that found my site involved scary stuff... I imagine that will slack off after today, or this weekend at the latest... but there were a couple of interesting searches:

"friday night home bored" - wow... hopefully my page was entertaining to this poor searcher...
"Halloween w00t" - hehehe... gee, I guess I do say w00t on here a lot... :)
"goth wisdom" - hehehehe... ummm... my goth wisdom for today is that liquid eyeliner may be useful for drawing lines on your face, but it invariably gets very stiff and then you can't smile... oh wait, this is goth wisdom, and goths aren't allowed to smile... my bad... :)
"find a drivers license" - I'm a little confused about what they were searching for here... did they think my driver's license would just be sitting on my site, waiting to be borrowed? How does that work? I'm really confused...

And that's about it... :)

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