Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Humpday Hump!

Act VI Scene I: *You are such a good friend that you are helping me clean my house. I love you man.*
Quiet on the set!! Roll tape..... and....ACTION!!

Christy: I hate the actual job of cleaning because I look around and get overwhelmed. But if I can remember to start at the main doorway of a room and go counterclockwise cleaning only as I go around then I can tackle it fairly well. Also cleaning from top to bottom is a must. You have any tips, tricks or secrets you can share?
You: Hmmm... I think my main secret is to live somewhere small enough that you can clean the whole place in one day, if you have to... that's what I do, at least... there's five rooms in my apartment, and I can get them all done on a Sunday afternoon... no carpet is a plus too! :)

Christy: My least favorite chore to do is cleaning the dishes. I even have a dishwasher and I just hate it. Also cleaning out the tub mainly because my big ole boobies make that a very uncomfortable position (leaning over the edge of the tub scrubbing) to be in for more than about thirty seconds. You have a least favorite cleaning chore?
You: Yeah, dishes suck... especially without a dishwasher. I hate cleaning the toilet, as well...

Christy: Some people are just manic about cleaning. Damn freaks I tell you. I want to tell them, "live life and stop fretting so much!". Then there are others that are just damn slobs! I mean come on, how hard is it to actually put away the non-perishable items from the grocery? Is it so difficult that you have to let them pile up still in the bag in every corner of your house???? I think not. Who is slobbiest person you know? Tell me an icky slob story so I can get motivated to clean harder.
You: Hmmm... I dunno many slobs... I knew some when I lived in Kirksville... it was really just better to not go into their house... but even the porch was messy...

Christy: Dang I am so psyched about the Georgia Bulldogs being undefeated this season that I could just soil myself. I can't remember, do you like sports? Didn't you play a sport when you were younger or am I remembering someone else?
You: Nope, I don't like sports... played softball and soccer as a kid, but hated it... played tennis in high school, and that was okay, but I wasn't very good... :)

Christy: Woohoo! One more day until Halloween! What is your favorite candy? I can't believe I don't already know this about you!
You: Hmmm... anything sour is good... though I've got orange, strawberry, and raspberry Creme Savers, and those are darn tasty too!

Christy: My husband said he wanted to dress up on Halloween as a brick. My daughter about died laughing at that one. Another friend suggested going as "Hairy Potty". Get it? Like Harry Potter© but puting a wig on a kid's potty and wearing it around your waist or something. *heehee* What was the coolest outfit you can remember either wearing or seeing?
You: I still like my Baby Ninja costume... I wish I had pictures from that year! But I remembered another good one... when I was in probably eighth grade, my friend Dana and I went as the California Raisins... we wore big black trashbags, stuffed with some newspaper... my mom made us little purple bow ties with what looked like white shirt fronts attached... and sunglasses, of course... :)

Christy: Going to any cool Halloween party tomorrow or this weekend? I am headed to New York City this weekend (see now that I said that I probably jinxed it). Have you ever been to NYC?
You: Looks like we're gonna go out for a little bit on Halloween, then Palla Grande on Friday... gotta get to the mall tonight to get the last of Gabe's costume, though!

Christy: See you later on!
You: Yup, laters! :)


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